The Jefferson Journal

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Jefferson Journal, R. B. meiser Switch Rod

Two long time Rogue Valley fly fishermen show some very effective flies for catching fish on the Rogue River and the Williamson.


Jefferson Journal, R. B. meiser Switch Rod

Learn to cast the Switch Rod from the world renowned rod builder who designed them, Bob Meiser.


Jefferson Journal, Spring 2009

David Roberts is a fly tier from the school of Polly Rosborough. He ties exquisite flies in the smallest of sizes, and fishes them over the most sophisticated of fish in the State of Jefferson. David’s love of Bamboo Rods and his tiny flies have been the undoing of many a big fish. Craftsmanship may be the key to under- standing Dave Roberts. The excellence of his work can be seen in the flies he ties, the rods he fishes, and the classes he teaches.


Jefferson Journal, Summer 2006

In this issue of The Jefferson Journal, three of Southern Oregon's fly tiers are celebrated. Bob Quigley ties his newest creation: The Mutant May Fly. Paul Miller plays a little more music and ties another of his steelhead flies. And, we take you back in time to watch Polly Rosborough tie his Casual Dress.


Jefferson Journal, Winter 2006

In this edition of The Jefferson Journal, Bob Meiser builds a fly rod, Paul Miller ties a killer steelhead fly, and Frank Moore fishes the North Umpqua. The magazine will be distributed on DVD and cost $12.00 (includes shipping and handling).