Bob Quigley's
Signature Flies

In Memory of Bob Quigley

7 All New
Bob Quigley's Signature Flies

7 All New Bob Quigley's Signature Flies

Available for $25.00 including shipping and handling

Fishing Bob Quigley's Signature Flies

Fishing Bob Quigley's Signature FliesAvailable for $25.00 including shipping and handling

This DVD is superb, excellent in every way.
- John Randolph, publisher of Fly Fisherman Magazine

The camera work is exceptional. The macro photography is cinematic poetry. The extensive variety of camera angles, composition, and position both in the boat and on the river are creative and very supportive of telling your "river story".
Bob is a natural at talking to the camera. He's so interesting to listen to, so clear in his purpose, and so entertaining in his presentation that you're with it all the way. What a joy to watch this guy passing on his knowledge so that the viewer might have a successful try on the river one day.

- Gregory Gontz, Film editor for NCIS, CBS

"In my opinion Bob Quigley is the most innovative creator of effective dry flies ever. But what really makes this video shine is not so much his tying but the ability to have the viewer sit ring-side and watch the master fish his patterns as they were meant to be fished. A well-rounded stream-side production that is exciting, informative and bound to make the viewer a better angler."
- Ken Morrish

Tying Bob Quigley's Signature Flies

Tying Bob Quigley's Signature FliesAvailable Now for $25.00 including shipping and handling

In 90 minutes of fly tying instruction, Bob Quigley, master Fly tier, shares his years of fly tying experience and innovations. Step by step, watch Bob tie nine of his most productive creations. Watch large trout rise to seductive flies and learn some of the secrets to spring creek fishing.

"Since god has gifted me with two opposable thumbs, I'm pointing them both up for this DVD. A great effort from one of the most innovative fly tiers. "
- Tom Chandler, The Trout Underground

"Very highly recommended!"
- The Fly Shop

"This is a must own DVD for trout tiers. The best I have watched yet for super trick trout flies. Get your copy today!!"
- Trophy Waters Fly Shop

"Highly Imaginative"
- Northwest Flyfishing

"Learn from the best"
- Fly Tyer Magazine

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