Polly Rosborough

Master Fly Tyer
Ties His
(Memorial Edition)

This memorial edition of Polly’s video tape, first issued in 1986, is our attempt to honor a life in fly fishing. In 1985 Polly Rosborough was awarded The Letchner Lamburth Angling Craftsman Award. The Award recognizes a lifetime devoted to the art of fly tying. Ten yeas earlier Polly received the “Buzz” Buszek Memorial Award from the Federation of Flyfishers. His innovative and effective nymphs and flies have earned Polly a respected place in the history of fly fishing.

In this video tape Polly invites you into his home, sits you beside him at his bench, and gives you a close up look at his art. His easy manner and expert advice will make fly tying easier for every tier of flies. Polly helps the beginner start, the intermediate advance, and the expert refine his technique.


“[His] fly patterns are one of a kind and unique, just like Polly Rosborough . . .

“Polly has a zest for life and for fly tying and it shows in his work and love for the sport of fly tying

“. . . we could use few more Polly Rosbouroughs.”

Dick Surette, Editor
Fly Tyer Magazine

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